Adult Poets

For almost 20 years, Sue Ellen Thompson has been mentoring adult poets through face-to-face meetings and email. Several of her mentorees have won poetry contests, published their work in respected literary magazines, and published full-length books or chapbooks.

Here’s how it works: An initial face-to-face meeting is preferred but is not mandatory. The poet submits half a dozen poems, representing his or her best work to date, and Sue Ellen provides line-by-line critiques covering such issues as diction, metaphor, rhythm, line breaks, and form or structure. The poet is then free to revise as he or she sees fit. Revised poems can be re-submitted for critique at a later date. Sue Ellen also provides suggestions for where the poet might try to publish certain poems.

For more information, contact Sue Ellen by phone (410-310-9673) or email ( Poets at all levels of experience are welcome.